Recruitment Advice & Interview Skills     (one day certificate course)

The interview represents the principle method by whcih recruitment decisions are made. This module has been developed to help the interviewee perform successfully at interviews. The advice and guidance that participants will recieve will inform them of techniques and practices that will aid them to perform to their optimum level at future interviews.

Participants will understand the importance of preperation to succeed in the interview process. During the Interview Skills Training participants will understand the basis of the competency based interview and the methods that employers use to assess candidates. Sample interview questions are also provided as well as suggested ways to answer these questions.

Programme Objectives:-

  • Participants will have examined their current communication skills in a face to face situation and determine what changes could be made to facilitate more effective communication.
  • Be able to plan and prepare for an interview.
  • Researching the role (job description, company literature, advertisimemts, google)
  • Understand the criteria used by the interviewer to assess the interviewee
  • Recognise the stages of the interview process and the improtance of first impressions
  • Participants will explore sample interview questions

This programme will provide training across the following areas:-

  • Body Laguage
  • Making a positive first impression
  • Overcoming nerves and anxiety
  • Preperation/Motivation axis
  • Interview Preperation
  • STAR technique
  • Tips for interview success
  • Legal issues re Recruitment & Selection

Delivery Methodology: Group work, individual tasks, simulation excersises and workbook excersises with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout. This course is extremely interactive providing participants with the opportunity to prepare and practice their skills and recieve feedback.

Participants will also watch an interview techniques DVD. The DVD shows the group 2 live recordings if interview situations – one with a positve outcome and one with a negative. We also see conversations that happen between the interviewers, providing the group with live examples of exactly what interviewers are looking for and expect from the interviewee.

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