Fire Safety     (half day certificate course)

Delivered in a group environment by qualified fire safety consultants, our fire safety training courses are tailored to each businesses' specific requirements. In accordance with fire safety regulations, all responsible employees must be instructed on emergency evacuation procedures and use of fire safety equipment in the event of a fire.

Our programs, provide both theory and practical application, ensure that employees have the knowledge and expertise to maintain a safe working environment and be able to recognize early warning signs in the event of an emergency. We provide three courses: 

  • ✓ Workplace Fire Awareness Course 
  • ✓ Fire Safety Manager Course 
  • ✓ Fire Marshal Course 


Courses provide practical knowledge on: Fire prevention & awareness, fire safety in the event of emergency, types of fires and your defense (flammable gases/ liquids), storage of flammable liquids and gases, smoke risks and defense, use of fire safety equipment, legislation and laws governing fire safety and more.