Challenging Behaviour in older people     (half day certificate course)


This study day provides a comprehensive introduction to dementia and challenging behaviour for personnel working within the long-term care environment, consolidating the participant’s previous knowledge and experiences. This study day combines a mix of theory and practice and its aim is getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives.


  1. To prepare personnel within the nursing home for dealing with those with dementia who may have a challenging behaviour.
  2. To impart necessary knowledge and skills with practical orientation and help formulate strategies to deal with those with dementia and challenging behaviour using the ABC model.
  3. To describe the relationship between behavioural symptoms, antecedents/ triggers and consequences / reactions.
  4. To provide knowledge, vocabulary and advanced skills, concerning all areas of dementia and challenging behaviour.
  5. To develop a plan of care for a person with dementia and challenging behaviour
  6. To communicate appropriately with people presenting with challenging behaviour.
  7. To evaluate the impact of different approaches used with a person demonstrating challenging behaviour.