Prevention of Elder Abuse - Training     (one day certificate course)

  • Our Elder Abuse Training is aimed at any nurse, healthcare assistant professional or any person who works with the elderly on a regular basis.
  • We also aim our courses for the public, families, homecare providers and care organisations.
  • Participants will receive a certificate on the day of training that is valid for 2 years


The Elder Abuse courses is in line the Section 8- The Protection Standard of the National Quality Standards for Residential Care settings for older people in Ireland as published by HIQA (Health Information Quality Authority) This course is aimed at staff working in Residential care facilities or hospital facilities for staff.

Course Two:

“Open your Eyes to elder Abuse in your Community “this course is aimed at staff working in a community setting with older Persons and has been developed to raise awareness of the issues of abuse within community settings.

Both training courses are designed for the learner to achieve the following:

  •    Increase Knowledge and understanding of what is Elder Abuse
  •    Help staff identify the different types of abuse
  •    Assist staff in how to recognise abuse or signs of abuse
  •    Help staff identify care practices that might lead or contribute to Elder Abuse
  •    To increase staff knowledge of actions necessary to report Elder Abuse
  •    How to manage disclosure

Duration: 4 hours